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Pattison Company Producer of High Quality Proppants and Limestone Aggregates Certified Aggregates With 7 different ledges, Pattison produces certified aggregates
from our state-of-the-art aggregate crushing plant
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Pattison Maintenance Technician Pattison produces Top Quality Proppants Our high-purity quartz sand is very durable and very
round. It is used as a proppant by the petroleum industry.
Pattison Company Producer of High Quality Proppants and Limestone Aggregates Pattison produces Specialty Products Pattison Specialty products include Clay Slurry and
custom blends of aggregates and sand.
Pattison Proppants The Road to Energy Independence Watch the Pattison mini documentary that describes the
process of creating high quality proppants and celebrates
the people who make it possible.

Pattison Aggregates, Proppants, and Specialty Products

Pattison produces high quality dolomitic limestone Aggregates, ordovician silica Proppants, and specialty products like clay slurries and traction control mixes


Dolomitic Limestone - 3 and 3i quality, asphalt grade manufactured sand, asphalt chips, secondary/yard spec ballast rock and Rip Rap approved for use by the Army Corps of Engineers, DNR, IADOT, MNDOT and the FAA.

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High-purity quartz, durable, hard, and round proppants. High rush-resistance, and produced for use by the petroleum industry. Our products are used in safe and proven hydraulic stimulation processes.

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Specialty Products

Pattison Specialty products include Clay Slurry, used for application with sand and gravel materials to provide a stabilized base and a Manufactured Sand/Salt mix used for superior traction control..

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Top Performing Proppants

Pattison Produces the highest quality, top performing proppants to exacting specifications.  Our St. Peter silica proppants have been shown to dramatically increase well production rates.

Pattison Silica Proppants

Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone

Pattison Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone Aggregates are produced in our brand new state of the art crushing plant. Our aggregates are US-ACOE, the FAA, and numerous Departments of Transportation

Pattison aggregate products
Pattison Aggregates and Proppants transload locations

At Pattison... We Deliver.

Pattison operates transloads across the country. We’re committed to bringing quality products to our customers at locations across the United States

In today’s evolving marketplace, having quality product at competitive prices and a convenient locations is what customers demand and Pattison  delivers. With multiple freight options, from the Mississippi River to two Class one Railroads, Pattison Sand has developed partnerships to deliver product to our customers quickly, cost effectively and on time.

Our Quarry & Mines are located on the Mississippi River in Clayton, Iowa, We have access to river, rail and trucking options that can deliver the products our customers need in a fast, cost effective and timely manner.

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At Pattison Sand Company, we are constantly on the look out for great people to share in our growth! We employ nearly 300 dedicated people, and we're always looking for more! If you would like the chance to work with an incredible group of people in a dynamic and challenging environment, One of the positions listed below may be just what you've been looking for!


Pattison offers a comprehensive benefit program for employees including Health, Dental, Vision, Group Life, Voluntary Life, Disability, and 401k.


Pattison employees can accumulate up to 480 hours of paid time off at generous accumulation rates!


Pattison supports it’s employees who wish to continue their education through a generous tuition reimbursement program!


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What is the ordovician formation, and what makes aggregates from this formation better than others?

If you’re not a geologist or paleontologist, you may not be familiar with the term “Ordovician,” but rest assured it’s actually quite simple. “Ordovician” refers to a time period within the Paleozoic era, during which the Ordovician formation was created. The Ordovician formation is a very large layer of uniquely formed limestone, which possesses a[...]

People say that Dolomitic Limestone is better, but what exactly is Dolomitic Limestone and how/why is it better than regular Limestone?

Like many of you, I’ve been curious as to what exactly the difference between the two is, so I did some research and here is what I found. Simply put, Dolomitic Limestone is just a variant of Limestone (a sedimentary rock), consisting of mainly magnesium calcium carbonate instead of calcite and aragonite. Dolomitic Limestone is[...]

Triumph on the Turkey River

Late on the night of March 14, 2019, large chunks of ice pressed against each other near the mouth of Iowa's Turkey River, forming a dam and causing the river to rise by six feet in mere minutes. Five spans of the bridge on CP's Marquette Subdivision main line across the river were lifted as[...]

The road to

Energy Independence Mini Documentary

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Pattison High Quality Aggregates and Proppants

Pattison produces high quality ordovician dolomitic limestone Aggregates and silica proppants.  Our Clayton IA, quarry contains multiple limestone ledges yielding material with a variety of properties that meet various requirements.  Our products are certified for use by multiple state Departments of Transportation, and the FAA.

Revetment Stone

Asphalt Stone

Ballast Stone

Concrete Stone

Clean Stone

Fine Aggregate



Specialty Products