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Who we are

Pattison Sand Company, LLC employs upwards of 190 people producing industrial sand for the natural gas and oil industries. Ore is mined from the St. Peter sandstone layer in both underground and surface mines. Virtually all of our products are shipped by rail.

  • We employ upwards of 190 people
  • We produce very high quality, extremely clean, silica sand.
  • Employee safety & the environment is at the forefront of everything we do.
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Energy Independence

American energy independence is within our grasp. Hydraulic fracturing is making it all possible.

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What is Hydraulic Fracturing

Safe and cost-effective, hydraulic fracturing allows access to oil and natural gas that was previously inaccessible.

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A History of Excellence

For over 60 years, the Pattison family has been an economic driver in their community, providing jobs and services.

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Down Deep - Unearthing the truth about Hydraulic Fracturing

"Fracking" is the the practice of using pressurized water to fracture rock deep below the earth's surface, creating tiny cracks that allow oil and natural gas to flow freely. Critics say that it causes an array of environmental issues... We believe you deserve the facts.

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The first link in the chain

The fracking revolution has dramatically increased America’s supply of oil and natural gas. Prices have dropped dramatically. Pattison sand products are the first link in the American energy independence chain.

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Find your career at Pattison

Are you looking for more than just a paycheck? Do you want to work with amazing people who are actively engaged in making America energy independent? Pattison offers exciting opportunities to discover your true potential while changing the world in an exciting new career!

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Learning Center

Pattison Today eMagazine

We employ some of the most talented people in the industry. Pattison Today, our eMagazine, features original articles and commentary authored by our experts on the industry issues and topics that you care about.  Read it today!.

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