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Employees from The Family Resource Center accepting the donation from Pattison Sand Company and its Employees. Employees from The Family Resource Center accepting the donation from Pattison Sand Company and its Employees. Pattison Sand Company
Have you ever wanted to throw a by at your boss? So did we!
Pattison Sand Company

Pattison Sand Pie in the Face Fundraiser

By Elizabeth Wynthein 09 January, 2017
Recent Pattison Sand Company Pie in the Face Fundraiser far surpassed all expectations to collect food, coats and funds for local charities.

It has been Pattison Sand Company's routine in past years to implement a fund raiser to benefit local charities serving the communities of Iowa and Wisconsin, where the majority of our employees reside. While researching on the Northeast Iowa Food Bank's website we found that for every dollar donated they could provide 4 meals. That really motivated us to raise funds as our main focus, while still encouraging donations of nonperishable food items and winter coats. In order to get the most participation we decided to change it up this year and make it a fun and interactive event. Past years have received great response from the Pattison employees and owner, but this year's response was exceptional.

What better way to get employees involved than to offer the opportunity to see management take a pie in the face?

Our Pie in the Face Fundraiser started the end of October and ran until December 5th. Employees could donate $20 to start a jar for a manager or supervisor, and after a jar was started anyone could add any amount to the jar. At the end of the fundraiser, whichever jar holder had the most money would take a pie to the face at our December Company Meeting. When a jar was started, a slightly embarrassing photo of the jar holder was placed on the front of the jar as an added bonus. To encourage winter coat donations, we offered a transfer of $10 from one jar to another for each coat brought in. For every 10 canned food items, you could transfer $5.

Throughout the drive, jar amounts changed significantly, sometimes within a single day. Occasionally people would bring 10 coats in at a time and transfer $100 from a jar, changing a 'loser' to a 'winner'. It was anyone's game up until the last minute, in fact, 2 of our top jar holder's jars were only started a few days before the fundraiser ended.

With only one week remaining and around $750 raised, Courtney Severson, HR Manager, offered to take a pie in the face, in addition to the top jar holder, if we raised $1500 or more. That was a big task, but everyone pitched in, including some of our vendors, to ensure 2 managers got a pie in the face. By the morning of the last day it looked like that was a definite possibility.

The final day of the fundraiser we placed the cutoff for coats and nonperishable items at 10 am and the cutoff for funds at noon. Between 7 am and 10 am, we received more than 80 coats! By noon a few hundred additional dollars were donated to the cause.

As a plot twist, after we stopped taking donations we gave each jar holder the opportunity to buy out a portion or all of their jar and move it to someone else's. Some passed, some gave partial amounts, and some bought out their entire jar. At the end, Kyle Pattison gave generously and evened the amounts of the top 4 jar holders.

We had initially planned on Kyle doing the pie throwing, but it was suggested we auction off the opportunity to be the 'pie thrower'. We thought that would be another way to raise a few more funds for our local charities, and add another fun twist! Deb Bailey, who works in our Parts Department, is an experienced auctioneer and volunteered to auction off the pies, which really livened up the event. The pies were made of the recipients pudding of choice topped with a healthy serving of whipped cream.

Ryan Novinska, Mine Operations Manager, was first to receive a pie. He chose butterscotch, which he stated later was a terrible decision. The bidding stopped at $28, with Steve Gray winning the bid.

Brain Coates, Rail Shipping Co-Manager, was next with a chocolate pie. Brian came prepared with a towel and his fork and spoon, and before Tim Severson placed the pie in Brian's face, he allowed him to take a bite. Brian recovered very well, almost like he was a natural at taking pies to the face. His pie sold for $58.

Mike Orr, Marketing and Production Manager, chose a vanilla pudding pie, and had 2 competitive bidders. After relentless bidding to $100, Courtney Severson and Chance Harvey decided to share the opportunity. We conveniently had an extra banana pudding pie on hand, and each Courtney and Chance were able to place a pie in Mike's face.

Courtney Severson, HR Director, was our last recipient, she chose a chocolate pudding pie. Isaac Franzen told Deb to start the bidding at $100, and it was a bidding war between him and Kyle Pattison, until Kyle won the bid at $150. Kyle then handed the opportunity to throw the pie to Tim Severson, Courtney's husband. There were some looks exchanged and when Courtney least expected it, Tim planted it in her face.

Due to surgery, Del Glover, Electrical Manager, was unable to attend the December meeting, and will be receiving his pie at a later date.

The following participants were also competitors for a pie in the face: Kyle Pattison, Owner and Operator. Tim Adkins, Health and Safety Director. Rob Priem, Rolling Stock Manager. Doug Davey, Purchasing Manager. Chance Harvey, Director of Engineering. Dan Wiethorn, Chief Financial Officer. Sean Acton, Maintenance Manager.

We had a lot of fun raising funds, food, and coats for local charities, and at the end of the fundraiser we raised $2,465.00, 142 winter coats, and 234 pounds of food that was split equally between Iowa and Wisconsin charities.

We gave to the following organizations: Family Resource Center, Clayton County Food Shelf, and Shepherd of the Hills, all located in Clayton County, IA. Fayette County Food Shelf, located in Fayette County, IA. Coulee Cap and Operation Santa (Prairie Du Chien Jaycees), both located in Crawford County, WI.

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