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Everly IA - Local Transload

Located in Everly IA, Pattison stockpiles high quality aggregates that cannot be sourced locally. This Pattison aggregate transload facilitiy provides local sourcing and product stock to localities that are very near the end user.  This provides availability of a variety of ordovician dolomitic Limestone aggregates that are otherwise unavailable locally, and assures availability of large volumes of materials.

Delivering, stockpiling and transloading St. Peter Silica Proppants and Ordovician Limestone Aggregates is more than just the process of transferring products from one mode of transportation to another.  Our focus is you. At Pattison facilities the efficient transloading, tracking, storage, order inventory management, and delivery of your materials is our top priority.

Silica Proppants

Our silica proppants are made from a high-purity quartz sand that is extremely crush-resistent and very round. Pattison proppants are produced in our state of the art processing facility, with stringent quality control practices to insure the highest product performance. We have deep reserves, and maintain extremely high rates of production.

Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone Aggregates Available ONLY at our Locations in Iowa & Minnesota

Pattison Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone aggregate products are available ONLY in IOWA and MINNESOTA, and have received the highest ratings available from the Army Corp of Engineers, FAA, and multiple Departments of Transportation (DOT) for use in the construction industry.  Our high quality aggregates are used for concrete, asphalt, secondary roads, erosion control, base stabilization and railroad ballast.

Learn more about Dolomitic Limestone

Learn about Dolomitic Limestone, why it's better, how it's different, and exactly why it matters! click on this link to read more about it!


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701 N. Main Street
Everly, IA 51338
United States (US)
Phone: (563) 964-0106
Email: agginfo@pattisonsand.com

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Our quarry is located in Clayton, IA. We are one of the only sources of Aggregates and Proppants that can load directly to Rail, Truck or Barge from the same facility! Our logistic & delivery systems out pace our competitors. We'd love to hear from you!

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Aggregate Team

:  (563) 964-0106

: AggInfo@pattisonsand.com

Main Office

701 1st Street
Clayton, IA 52049

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: info@pattisonsand.com

Operations Office

24312 Mississippi Rd., Clayton, IA 52049

Hours of operation

Office Open Monday - Friday: 8am to 4pm
Operating Hours - 24/7

Operations, Mines & Quarries

Pattison Clayton Headquarters

701 1st Street, Clayton, IA 52049 Sales, Operations, Administration

Pattison Garnavillo Mine & Quarry

24312 Mississippi Road, Garnavillo, IA 52049 Aggregate & proppant Production, Mine & Quarry

Proppant Local Transload Locations

Oklahoma City OK, Proppant Transload

451 North Sunnylane Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73117 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

Hughes Springs, TX, Proppant Transload

4383 FM 250 South, Hughes Springs, TX 75656 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

Horseheads, NY, Proppant Transload

124 Wygant Road, Horseheads, NY 14845 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

Fort Stockton, TX, Proppant Transload

1569 North Urias Street, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

Big Lake, TX, Proppant Transload

814 S. Railroad Street, Big Lake, TX 76932 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

Big Lake, TX, Secondary Proppant Transload

305 South Railroad, Big Lake, TX 76932 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

New Town, ND, Proppant Transload

3858 87th Avenue, New Town, ND 58763 Proppant, Loadout, Transloads

Emporium, PA , Aggregate Transload

644 East Allegheny ave, Emporium, PA 15834 Proppants, Loadout, Transloads

Aggregate Local Transload Locations

Glencoe MN, Aggregate Transload

12755 137th Street, Glencoe, Minnesota 55336 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Kimball, MN, Aggregate Transload

211 Willow Creek Road, Kimball, MN 55353 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Winnebago, MN, Aggregate Transload

711 6th Avenue SE, Winnebago, MN 56098 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Wiota, IA, Aggregate Transload

207 Main Street, Wiota, IA 50274 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Atlantic, IA, Aggregate Transload

61786 650th Street, Atlantic, IA 50022 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Centerville, IA, Aggregate Transload

1303 South 21st Street, Centerville, IA 52544 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Cylinder, IA, Aggregate Transload

3875 525th Avenue, Cylinder, IA 50528 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Everly, IA, Aggregate Transload

701 N. Main Street, Everly, IA 51338 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Spencer, IA, Aggregate Transload

3435 180th Ave, Spencer, IA 51301 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Green Isle, MN, Aggregate Transload

101 Main Street Green Isle, MN 55338 Aggregates, Loadout, Transloads

Pattison High Quality Aggregates and Proppants

Pattison produces high quality ordovician dolomitic limestone Aggregates and silica proppants.  Our Clayton IA, quarry contains multiple limestone ledges yielding material with a variety of properties that meet various requirements.  Our products are certified for use by multiple state Departments of Transportation, and the FAA.

Revetment Stone

Asphalt Stone

Ballast Stone

Concrete Stone

Clean Stone

Fine Aggregate



Specialty Products